The St George Greens encompasses a large part of Sydney and multiple local councils, state and federal electorates:

– Rockdale, Kogarah and Hurstville Local council areas

– Rockdale, Kogarah and Oatley NSW state seats

– Barton and Banks federal seats

At our 2015 AGM St George Greens set clear priorities for our campaigning work within St George. They are:

Development and Planning; With “Priority Precincts” and higher density zoning increasing throughout St George, The Greens planning policies call for increasing community consultation, better services and amenities and protection of what little green space we have left. More details here.

No Motorways, increase Public Transport. Westconnex, the M5 East duplication and the M6 are all set to destroy large tracts of green space in St George, increase polution, risks of lung conditions and generally make traffic far worse. St George Greens have our own Master Transport plan and will continue to promote cost effective mass transit as the best solution for Sydney’s worsening traffic. Read more here. 

Climate Change and Renewable Energy. This issue is so large that it’s easy to turn away from, however St George Greens are committed to highlighting the growing threat to Australia from Climate Change and the need to switch to clean energy sources as quickly as possible. Read more here.