Hard to Believe: the award-winning documentary comes to Hurstville

Date and Time: Monday Nov 21, 2016, 7:30-9pm

Location: Hurstville Entertainment Centre

Civic Theatre, 16 Macmahon St, Hurstville

Includes a Q&A with guest speakers.

IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE: Governments killing their own citizens for their political or spiritual beliefs.

But it’s never happened like this.

“Hard To Believe” examines the issue of forced live organ harvesting from Chinese prisoners of conscience, and the response – or lack of it – around the world.
This is a topic that has gained international media attention due to a groundbreaking report that was released in June this year. The report found that up to 100,000 transplants are taking place in China each year, which is 10 times the number of transplants claimed by Chinese officials.
“An important, timely and deeply disturbing account of one of the great human rights abuses of our time.”
~ Dr. Arthur Caplan, PhD, Founding Director of the Division of Medical Ethics, NYU

Find out how doctors became murderers and what we can do now to turn it around.

Take a sneak peak: www.hardtobelievemovie.com


Guest Speakers

David Shoebridge MLC: Member of New South Wales Legislative Council, Greens NSW spokesperson for Justice.

Prof Maria Fiatarone Singh FRACP: Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences and Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Medical Advisory Board Member of Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting

Prof Wendy Rogers FRACGP, PhD: Professor of Clinical Ethics, Deputy Director of the Macquarie University Research Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics
Co-presented by ICEOP @ endorganpillaging.org
Winner of Best Documentary, 2016 HOBOKEN Film Festival
Winner of Outstanding Achievement, Accolade Global Film Competition 2015 Humanitarian
Winner of Outstanding Achievement, 2015 Global Film Awards Humanitarian Award
Six Awards of Excellence, 2015 Accolade Global Film Competition in the categories of: Documentary Program / Social Change / Religion / Ethics / Health / Medicine
Award of Excellence, 2015 IndieFEST Global Film Award in the categories of Liberation / Social Justice

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