NSW Government must heed Federal warnings on ‘gambler’s addiction to roads’

Greens MP and NSW Spokesperson for Roads, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has commented on reports of a leaked Infrastructure Australia report that describes “hideously inefficient” spending on national roads. The NSW Government is wasting billions of dollars building the NorthConnex and WestConnex tollways.

Dr Faruqi said:

“The Roads Minister would do well to listen to Infrastructure Australia, who have long had questions about the WestConnex business case, and who are now saying that Australia has a ‘gambler’s addiction to roads’.

“This view confirms what the Greens have long been warning about, that this Government’s obsession with roads is ill-conceived.

“For many transport experts and communities, the description of road spending as an addiction rings true, especially as the government has been so secretive about the business case for the 13 billion dollar WestConnex tollway.

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