Opal Card policy referred to privacy watchdog for breach of the Privacy Act

The Opal Card privacy policy that allows for the widespread sharing of personal information regarding the movements of Opal card users has been referred by the NSW Greens to the state's Privacy Commissioner as a breach of the Privacy Act. The new power allows a broad range of "law enforcement agencies" to access this data without any oversight by a Court or any search warrant being obtained.

The Greens NSW have lodged a formal complaint with the Information and Privacy Commissioner seeking urgent intervention to prevent people across NSW being forced to choose between travelling on public transport and preserving their privacy.

See reporting in the SMH here:

Greens MP and Justice Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“The Opal Card sign-up process requires the giving of what is called a “bundled consent” which allows for the widespread disclosure of users' personal information under the Opal Privacy policy.

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