OPINION: The multiple personalities of Australian Labor

So it has increasingly come to my attention that several front bench Labor MPs appear to be defecting to the Greens! Or at least, they seem to want everyone to think their party holds the same values as the Greens…

Tanya Plibersek recently trotted out human rights campaigns, no doubt sincerely, but given it was Labor who started offshoring asylum seekers and who continue to support the human rights abuses that the government carries out, it seems a confusing position to take.

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Anthony “Albo” Albanese continues to trot out his working class man shtick and went on a promotional tour talking up Christine Milnes High Speed Rail policy. I’m assuming to show that Labor have some “innovation in ’em too” although since he’s in opposition and unlikely to hold office any time soon why not promise a “Tesla” Hyperloop if you want tech credentials?

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Lastly Penny Wong, hero of the “small l liberal set” had a tirade at the Greens claiming all sorts of fictions and whatmighthavebeens on tax reform. The reality was Labor were grandstanding, and wanted to let the policy fail so the could hold it over the govt next election that they “achieved nothing on tax transparency”. Gaming at its best.

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The thing that the public need to remember is that Labor is a gemini. There are two distinctly different personalities in our old workers party these days. The people doing most of the inner city speaking are Labor Left, reminiscent of the halcyon days of social reform, a vision for making things better for those worse off, admirable Green sentiment. Then there is the ruling personality, the Labor Right/conservative. This is a cancer that has unfortunately killed off that old Labor party, leaving a right wing agenda in its place: pro tollroads, privatisation, defunding TAFE, offshore processing, supporting the TTP, removal of community consultation from planning laws, monitoring our internet en masse the list of conservative policies goes on and on.

So don’t be fooled by the Labor Right sitting back, biding their time, letting the tiny remaining spark of Labor Left do all the talking. In government, the decisions will not be made by our heroes of the Labor Left, they will be made by the same lobbyists and sponsors who donate so heavily to the Liberal National Coalition and the Labor Party.

Only the Greens say No to corporate donations and consequently the big end of town has no control over us. (Which in case you hadn’t figured it out scares the crap out of Murdoch hence his hatred of us) Our MPs must follow the policy and positions dictated by our members, publicly available as living documents. If you’re tired of the big end of town running things, vote them out next year.

*All views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of St George Greens or The Greens NSW.

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