Selling Poles & Wires to fund an Unintegrated Second Harbour Crossing Risks Future of Public Transport

Greens NSW MP and Transport Spokesperson, Dr Mehreen Faruqi MLC, has warned that building a second harbour crossing as an unintegrated metro service will restrict capacity, waste billions and go against every principle of integrated transport systems. Premier Baird has announced that 'poles and wires' will be sold to fund a new harbour crossing, meaning public assets are being sold for private interests.

"Premier Baird's plan to sell off vital public electricity assets to fund a second harbour tunnel for a metro-style standalone train line which does not integrate with Sydney's current rail network is unjustifiable.

"This is a plan to sell off public assets in order to fund privately run and operated metro systems and very clearly the beginning of the privatisation of our rail system, an essential service that needs to remain in public hands.

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