St George Greens Master Transport Plan released

Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi and St George area candidates Brent Heber at Rockdale Station today.

With the State Election looming, the Greens candidates of St George are proud to announce the St George Greens transport plan, our long term local vision, has just been launched on our website. See the link below for details.

St George Public Transport Master Plan

The St George Public Transport Master Plan encompasses a wide range of infrastructure and spending that will take years to achieve. It gives us goals to work towards in elections moving forwards.

The NSW Greens Transport for 2020 vision has also been released by the NSW Greens this week and it highlights the specific goals and policies (some of which are in the St George Plan) that we are pursuing in the 2015 NSW state election, were the Greens to win government or hold sufficient balance of power.

Rockdale and Kogarah are significant in the incumbent Liberal government’s plans for new motorways. The WestConnex tollroad, M5 East duplication and planned M6 tollroad will reduce the area’s recreation and green spaces, put valuable and unique environments at risk as well as cause more congestion and more pollution. The St George Greens transport plan seeks a comprehensive approach to public transport, not just more motorways.

Rockdale candidate Madeleina Snowdon says:

“The Greens are the only party opposed to the WestConnex and instead we are invested in upgrading, improving and creating a comprehensive public transport system to ease traffic congestion in and out of the city, and to other areas of NSW.”

Kogarah candidate Brent Heber says:

“The Greens are a unique political party in Australia, in that our MPs are in a way directed by local groups like the St George Greens. Local groups are instrumental in directing and influencing policy, there are no “faceless men” like the old parties. Consequently it’s vital for groups like ours to have a clear vision for St George to tell our MPs at a state level what we want and what’s important to our community. In talking with locals, the fear of what Westconnex and the M6 will do to Rockdale and Kogarah is palpable. These motorways are not justified and will leave us the taxpayers with greater government debt and tolls to pay all over our city, lining the pockets of private companies. They make no sense when viable and cost effective alternatives are available, as outlined in our Transport plan.”

What are your thoughts about this?