Stokes flexes muscles on clean energy

Greens NSW MP John Kaye welcomed NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes' commitment to rooftop solar and energy efficiency projects for the government's own buildings and the promise of more rational noise regulation for wind farms.

('Renewable energy: NSW to be 'Australia's answer to California'', Sydney Morning Herald, 22 July 2014,

Dr Kaye said: "Clean energy investments will save the NSW government money in the long run and help sharpen the focus on the state's heavy dependence on coal and gas.

"However, the Liberals and Nationals are still sending mixed messages to businesses and households.

"On the one hand, the NSW Environment Minister is pushing government agencies to model responsible clean energy investment behaviour.

"At the same time, the Abbott government has dismantled the carbon price and is undermining the Renewable Energy Target.

"The signal is confused and ineffective.

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