World Wetlands Day of significance to St George area


Monday 2 February 2015

“There’s a day for everything, but this World Wetlands Day 2015 is of particular significance to the St George area, “ says The Greens candidate for Rockdale, Madeleina Snowdon.

Before Colonial settlement, Botany Bay was a lush wetland area. Now there are only a handful of wetland areas remaining, which are crucial to the survival of migratory birds.

Groups in Rockdale including the Rockdale Wetlands Preservation Society are committed to monitoring and lobbying for the protection of these areas, including Rockdale’s Landing Lights Wetlands, but they need the support of the community and the State Government to retain these precious sites.

Unfortunately, these last vestiges of important biodiversity are under threat from the proposed WestConnex and M6 motorway, which are set to cut a swathe through our precious community green space and wetlands. The Greens are the only major party in NSW that stand opposed to the WestConnex and the construction of yet more motorways.

Rockdale candidate Madeleina Snowdon says:

“It’s important for local people to consider the loss of these green spaces, as well as the increased traffic that the WestConnex will cause in the Rockdale area with its exit ramps. The Greens are the only party opposed to the WestConnex, and instead we are committed to upgrading, improving and creating a comprehensive public transport system to ease traffic congestion in and out of the city.”

When we think about motorways, we sometimes consider the impact they will have on our homes and communities, but this one will impact the quality of life of ourselves and of other important species that live in the area.

Snowdon says: “Even if you’re not a Greens voter, think about sending a message to your party about the WestConnex by voting Green in the State election.”

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